This type of insurance covers your business’ liability and additional expenses for a data breach in which your business information is exposed, stolen, or held ransom. It is designed to cover a blend of liability and additional business costs.


Third-party claims (people sue your company or make claims against you). Common costs include:

  • Legal defense, settlements and judgments, negligence, failure to maintain security procedures
  • Network Security and Privacy Liability: consumer data breach, unauthorized access, destruction of data, viruses/malware, social engineering (phishing)
  • Communications and Media Liability: copyright/trademark/logo infringement, plagiarism, defamation or disparagement, libel and slander
  • Regulatory claims

First-party claims (direct costs to your company to respond to a breach). Common costs include:

  • Legal advice, notification costs of communicating the breach, forensic investigation, funds transfer fraud, cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, public relations expenses, travel expenses to mitigate damages, crisis communications, and setting up a call center.
  • Privacy Event Expenses: covers breach of physical records, rogue employees, loss of laptops or USB drives.
  • Business Interruption: covers loss of profits and extra expense during the time your network is down. Although your business may have Business Interruption coverage as part of your property coverage, cybercrimes are often excluded.

Multiple insuring agreements are available and can be assigned limits and deductibles to suit your individual business needs and exposures.


Commercial Auto

Provides Automobile Liability and Physical Damage coverage for “autos” used in your business. “Autos” can include cars, trucks, vans, trailers, or other vehicles designed for use on public roads.


Commercial Package / Business Owners Policy

Commercial Package / Custom coverage that combines two or more coverage forms, such as: Property, Liability, Business Auto, Inland Marine, and Crime.


“What our clients say”

“Accident Fund has partnered with Goodman Venegas for over 25 years. Their desire to truly understand the intricacies of workers’ compensation insurance has given them a competitive advantage in the industry and has fostered our strong working relationship with them. They have been very active on our various agency councils, providing us input on how we can improve as a company to better assist their clients. Our shared goal of keeping workers safe and claims costs down has created a support network for policyholders that is second to none. We are proud to partner with agencies such as Goodman Venegas and look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.”-Keith Adkins, Vice President of Marketing- Accident Fund Holding, Inc.