Workers’ Compensation is a statutory law that requires employers to reimburse employees who have been injured in the course of, and arising out of, their employment for loss of wages, medical and hospital expenses, permanent and partial disability. The act also takes care of dependents in the case of death, as well as pay the expenses of last sickness and burial.


The law states that employers are responsible for these benefits. The employer is allowed to provide these benefits through insurance companies and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The difference between insurance companies providing these benefits is service. Lack of service or slow service can cause an insured to pay higher premiums.

Programs Available Through Our Markets

  • Guaranteed plans
  • Deductible plans
  • Retro plans
  • Dividend plans
  • Self-insured plans
  • Offshore captives

Services Provided By Our Compensation Markets

  • Accountability — all lost time claims will have a timely and complete investigation
  • Contact — 24-hour contact is made with the injured worker and medical provider
  • Loss Prevention Services — return to work programs, OSHA compliance consulting, on-site training, medical bill review
  • Processing — expedient and high quality bill payments
  • Industrial Hygiene Services — air sampling and noise monitoring

Goodman Venegas can write business in Michigan, the United States, or on an international basis. Our markets are Best-rated “A,” and are among the best in the industry.


Commercial Auto

Provides Automobile Liability and Physical Damage coverage for “autos” used in your business. “Autos” can include cars, trucks, vans, trailers, or other vehicles designed for use on public roads.


Inland Marine

Don’t be fooled. It is not boating insurance. Inland Marine insurance, sometimes called a “floater” policy, provides coverage for property that does not primarily remain at a specific location. This coverage is intended for property that moves from location to location, is located off-premises/at a temporary location, or is kept at jobsite locations.


“What our clients say”

“We have been very pleased with the service [Goodman Venegas] has provided to our company and individual policy holders... They are always available to assist myself with complex billing and claims problems or the individual contract holder with any issues they may have.”-Robbyn Martin, Human Resources Director-Binson’s Home Health Care Centers (Center Line, MI)


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